Why I’m Running


Why I’m running…

As a businesswoman, community leader, and most importantly, mother of three teenagers, I am running for Michigan State Representative. I have a passionate desire to protect the future of our children and grandchildren and a desire to provide the highest quality education possible, preparing them for 21st Century jobs as well as those of middle-skills requirements. I want to provide our citizens with the finest in opportunities and life choices, roads that are well paved, a secure and pleasant living environment in which to raise a family, and a low, equitable tax rate.

Long active in my community, I feel now is the time for my voice to be heard in Lansing, especially given today’s divided times. I also hope to help fill a protracted shortage of women in leadership roles. In addition to my strong work ethic, I bring to the job a firm conservative voice and an open ear to my constituents’ needs. I intend to cut through Lansing’s harmful partisanship, and work vigorously to bring fresh positive results to the people of Michigan.